Barry Workman, Software Developer



"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci.

I am a former International Director of Operations (US Feed Grains Council-USDA Foreign Agricultural Service) and International Management Consultant.

My home for a number of years was Rome, Italy and I consulted about 70% of the time in the Middle East and North Africa.


Projects were established in Algeria (1), Egypt (3), Kenya (1), Morocco (3), Saudi Arabia (1), Tunisia (3), Turkey (3)


Identified constraints limiting use of U.S. Grains, by evaluating the economic, logistical, technical, economic, political and social influences on each countries agricultural production.

Marketing plans after considering port facilitie, the feed manufacturing and distribution systems, import and ingredient usage restrictions, currency regulations, the current level of technical and managerial expertise available, and the political climate of the host nation.


Saudi Arabia:Establishment of a complete dairy demonstration unit with analytical and statistical laboratory on a 25,000 head dairy farm, (Saudi Arabian Agriculture and Dairy Co., SAADCO) at al Kharj; used as a demonstration site for private individuals and government officials of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

Algeria: Planning and construction of a facility similar to Saudi Arabia to serve as a demonstration unit for Morocco Algeria and Tunisia; Trained (in French) the General Manager, Dairy Manager, Beef Manager, Feed Mill Manager, Veterinarians and Regional Extension Agents operating the project.

Egypt and Turkey: Repeated evaluation indicated a stable mature market for dairy products in these countries, fluctuating with population growth; I developed a long term project designed to promote milk and milk products as a safe healthy economical foodstuff in the media with a goal of increasing per capita consumption of milk accompanied by increased grain usage in the production chain.

Kenya: Developed short term (120 day) fattening program for malnourished native cattle otherwise destined for premature slaughter after extended drought. Result was a profitable, increased production of beef and the first importation of grains (30,000 tons) solely for use in animal feeds in over a decade. Coordinated with the Government of Kenya, US Embassy and Food and Agricultural Organization, United Nations.

Algerian Management Training Project

I conceived, developed and single handedly completed a comprehensive program for executive management staff from a demonstration project at El Tarf, Algeria. This specialized training was designed to meet the needs of the: General Manager, Dairy Farm Manager, Beef farm Manager, Forage Manager, Veterinary Technicians, Feed Mill Manager and Regional and Resident Extension Specialists and was coordinated with US Feed Grains Council, Washington and The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Algeria.

All instruction and day to day activities of the program were conducted in the French language.